Deploying a Pando application

Pando applications are standard WSGI applications and should work with any WSGI server, for example Gunicorn.

Client IP addresses

If your application uses the pando.http.request.Request.source property, then you need to ensure that the trusted_proxies attribute of the website object is correctly set. Here are a few examples:

  • If you don’t use any reverse proxy, then trusted_proxies should be left empty.
  • If you use cloudflared, then trusted_proxies should also be left empty.
  • If you only use local-network load balancers, then you can set trusted_proxies to [['private']].
  • If you use proxies at specific IP addresses, then trusted_proxies should contain those addresses, e.g. [['x.x.x.x', 'y.y.y.y']].
  • If you use both of the above, then trusted_proxies should contain the two lists, i.e. [['private'], ['x.x.x.x', 'y.y.y.y']].